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The Crossover Global team launches “Mission Impact” with goal to plant 4000 brand new multiplying churches by the year 2024 for a total of 6000 churches.


Crossover Global  establishes a second sending base in Brazil.


Crossover Global launches “Mission Black Sea” with the goal of planting 100 new churches in the countries surrounding the Black Sea. By 2008 a total of 100 churches were planted.


Crossover Global establishes a third sending base in Moldova.


The three bases of Crossover Global launch the “16:9 Initiative.” The goal called for 25 new churches among the largest unreached people group in Central Asia. By 2011 a total of 58 churches were planted.


The Crossover Foundation is established to serve as a deferred gift ministry resourcing Crossover’s global church planting efforts. 


The Crossover Global team launches “Vision 2020” with a goal of establishing 2000 multiplying churches among unreached peoples by the end of 2020. By October of 2019 a total of 2,000 churches were planted.


Crossover Global and Turkish World Outreach (TWO) take final steps as TWO merges with Crossover Global.  The merger allows for an even greater impact in reaching Turkic Muslims for Christ.


Crossover Global establishes a fourth sending base in the Caucasus.


Crossover Global establishes a fifth sending base in Central Asia. 


Crossover Global begins “Mission Moldova” with the goal of planting 5 new churches in Moldova.  By 1999 a total of 11 churches were  planted.


Crossover Communications International (now known as Crossover Global) is founded in Atlanta, GA.

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