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With over thirty years of experience leading short-term teams, Crossover Global, has developed our short-term trips to join you in the journey that God has already begun in your life. We believe these 10 day short-term trips are a powerful tool God can use to reveal His purpose for the nations and where you fit in. 


Crossover Global designed our short-term trips with three goals in mind. We desire that through your experience God will transform…  


    … your heart by developing a passion for God’s global purposes,

    … your mind by developing cross-cultural awareness and knowledge, and 

    … the world by developing relationships that will impact eternity. 


We believe that your trip experience is the perfect environment God can use to develop these three goals. 


Imagine a trip where you experience an unfamiliar culture with exciting sights, sounds, and smells. By serving the community alongside our church planters, you will experience God using you to accomplish His purpose. Your understanding of God’s heart for the nations will expand as you learn about the unreached peoples of the world, where to find them, and how to use your passion to reach them with the Good News of God’s love and forgiveness. 


Our experienced team would love to work with you! Below is what you can expect from our team: 


Arrange Trip Details


Facilitate Pre-Trip Training


Serve With You On The Trip


Provide Guidance Post Trip

The lives of those who go, as well as the lives of the nationals you touch, can be changed forever! We would love to serve you and your church. Contact Us!

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