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Join our team's efforts in Turkey as they serve those affected by the earthquake.

Donate to Help Families Impacted by the Earthquake

With your donation, you will be joining the efforts of our church network in Turkey as they serve those affected by this tragedy.

What Our Team is Doing


Providing Shelter to those with no home.

We have opened our churches in Adana, Yuregir, and Mersin as shelters for those who have no place to stay.  They are provided with food and beds.  We have times of praise and prayer, and we try to minister to their hearts. On average, we have 50 people coming to our churches.


Distributing Food

Every night 3 teams go out to 2 cities to distribute soup, sandwiches, and blankets. By distributing food, contacts are made, and they are invited to prayer times and share about Jesus.


Helping Relocate those arriving

We are connecting with people arriving from the affected cities and staying with relatives. We are providing them with beds, blankets, food, and heaters.


Translating for foreign rescue teams

A brother is helping with the Spanish-Turkish translation with the Spanish-speaking teams at the airport. He directs them, sends them to places of disaster, and tries to help Spanish speakers connect with AFAD to help with translation for rescue teams.


Helping relocate people to Ankara

In coordination with "Puente" and the Kurtuluş Church, we are helping the victims to leave the affected cities to find help in Ankara.


Transportation for people and medicine

A Minibus has been made available to carry food, medicines, or whatever is needed and bring people to Adana or Mersin together with the coordination of Puente and the Kurtuluş church.


Helping Affected believers 

Help the affected believers with food and supplies. Beds have been brought in from a refuge place in Ankara.


Sending Supplies to Ceyhan

We have one believer from our church in Ceyhan and we are in contact with him trying to help with supplies.

sos turkey .webp

Join Our Efforts

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