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Daniel Wagner

Finance Manager

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Daniel Wagner is the Finance Manager with Crossover Global.  He and his wife, Rachel, are passionate about investing their lives into making an impact in the Kingdom of God.  Daniel is passionate about stewarding the finances of Crossover Global well so that they can stretch every donation as far as possible to maximize the impact for the Kingdom.


Daniel moved to Columbia in 2016 to work at Newspring Church with the youth ministry.  After a year, he went to work in Financial Planning for two years and began to dream of a role that could combine ministry and finance together.  In April of 2019, Daniel joined the Crossover Global team and has been leading the finances since October.


Daniel enjoys communicating the vision of Crossover Global and sharing how unique our global team is.  Daniel is passionate about connecting every aspect of our organization to our greater vision, to plant multiplying churches among unreached people groups.  Whether Daniel is working on the organization’s budget, depositing checks, speaking to a church, or meeting with a teammate overseas, everything we do is to accomplish our vision.  He is passionate about communicating how other people can help join in this mission with us.


Daniel and Rachel are both from Anderson, South Carolina.  They love having friends over for a barbecue, watching the Atlanta Braves and Ohio State Football, and playing tennis!

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