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Finding True Salvation

There was a woman named Uma who was an extremely devout Hindu. She believed that the gods and goddesses of Hinduism would give her a blessed life. In particular, she felt the Ganges River held sacred meaning. Hindus believe that bathing in the river at specific times will help them to be saved. The ashes of loved ones are put into the river because it is considered a way to have a peaceful entrance into heaven.

Uma became pregnant and gave birth to a child. She sacrificed her baby in the Ganges River to please the gods and goddesses. This terrible thing was done in the river that Uma believed would help bring salvation to her and her loved ones. Instead of obtaining salvation, it only brought pain, heartache, and death.

Soon after, Uma heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and learned about His grace and forgiveness, which leads to true salvation. Uma was overcome with grief for what she had done to her baby. She became depressed and suicidal. Uma wanted to end her life by drowning in the Ganges River because of the pain she felt from her sin.

The church community she had found in her village came around her and provided her with the help she needed. They reminded her of Christ’s love and forgiveness that she had received. Through their loving support, God used Uma’s church community to strengthen and help her. She will have to continue to live with the consequences of this tragedy, but by God’s grace, Uma can take steps forward from her past and into the newness of Christ.

This story was shared by our Ganges Initiative.


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