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Faith's Victory: A Tale of Healing and Renewal

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am Jeevan, hailing from the serene town of Bhimtal in Uttarakhand, India, and I wish to share the miraculous transformation that has unfolded in my life and the life of my beloved daughter, Megha Kumari.

Our journey began in the realm of Hindu rituals, where our family, gripped by recurrent illnesses, found itself in a perpetual cycle of hospital visits. As affliction loomed over us, I fervently sought guidance from esteemed Hindu gurus, desperately searching for a solution to break free from the clutches of these relentless problems.

In the fateful year of 2020, Megha, my precious daughter, was struck by a severe headache. A visit to the hospital revealed a grim diagnosis—a brain tumor. The news shook me to my core, and despair settled upon our family like a heavy shroud. The doctors prescribed a course of medication with an inevitable and expensive surgery on the horizon.

Undeterred, we continued our religious practices, performing worship ceremonies, and seeking divine intervention. Three months of relentless medication led us to Dehradun City, where Megha underwent the intricate operation. Although the surgery alleviated her headache, an unforeseen challenge emerged—her entire body was paralyzed, leaving her in a state worse than before.

Desperation consumed us as we grappled with the uncertainty of Megha's recovery. Despite the doctors' assurances of continuous medication for her paralysis, there was no guarantee of improvement. In our darkest hour, we turned to God, visiting temples, making vows, and even consulting exorcists in our quest for a solution. However, each avenue we explored seemed to lead us further into despair, draining us emotionally and financially.

Two years into Megha's treatment, with resources depleted and hope extinguished, I found myself at a crossroads, not knowing where to turn. In this moment of profound uncertainty, Pastor Radheshyam, a messenger of God from Bihar, arrived in our village to share the gospel. Though unfamiliar to us, he extended kindness by visiting our home, and there, amidst our struggles, he shared the transformative power of Jesus Christ.

Initially skeptical due to our wearied hearts and the financial burdens of previous attempts at healing, we hesitantly allowed Pastor Radheshyam to pray for Megha and our family. In the midst of his prayer, a profound peace enveloped my heart, igniting a spark of hope. The pastor encouraged us to engage in fasting and prayer, and, astonishingly, by the third week, Megha began to stand, eat, and, ultimately, experience complete healing.

Overwhelmed by the undeniable miracle that unfolded in our lives, we embraced the Lord Jesus as our savior and were baptized in April 2022. Our joy knows no bounds as we now share the boundless love of God through our testimony and the gospel. The transformation did not stop with Megha; our entire family of nine members has embraced the Lord Jesus, and we now actively participate in spreading the gospel with Pastor Radheshyam.

As we navigate this newfound faith, we testify to the wondrous work the Lord has done in our lives. Amen.

This testimony was shared by our teammates from the South Asia base.


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