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From Despair to Faith: A Muslim's Journey to Christ

My name is Mozaffar Khan, and I want to share the incredible journey of faith that led me to Christ. I was born into a Muslim family in the city of Lucknow, India. Just like any devout Muslim, I followed the teachings of Islam and sought Allah's mercy and guidance throughout my life.

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When it was time for me to marry, my family found a wonderful girl, and we started our life together with hope and happiness. However, our dreams of starting a family were shattered when my wife experienced a painful miscarriage. We went through a period of deep despair, seeking medical treatments and offering prayers and vows, but none of it seemed to work.

Amidst this struggle, we came across a Christian doctor who offered to pray for us. Despite our differences in faith, we decided to let her pray in the name of Jesus. Miraculously, my wife felt an inexplicable power within her during that prayer, and to our joy, she conceived again, and a beautiful baby girl was born after a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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As friends and family rejoiced and thanked Allah for this blessing, my wife and I knew in our hearts that it was the prayer in Jesus' name that brought us our daughter. This realization sparked a deep curiosity within us about the power of Christian prayers. We began to question if there was a difference between Islamic and Christian prayers and what made the prayers in Jesus' name so effective.

Filled with a desire to understand more, we reached out to the doctor, and she humbly explained that she had been granted the authority to pray in Jesus' name, and God answered such prayers. She invited us to her church, and as we attended, our hearts were touched by the love and sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. We gradually fell in love with Him and accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

"She humbly explained that she had been granted the authority to pray in Jesus' name, and God answered such prayers"

Accepting Christ brought about its own set of challenges. My father disowned me from our family business and my wife faced mistreatment from her own family. Our friends and relatives rejected us and life became extremely difficult. Eventually, we had to leave our hometown, but the Christian community and our newfound faith sustained us through those tough times.

Though we faced hardships, God's grace and mercy never left our side. With the support of our church and Christian friends, we were able to rebuild our lives. Now we have a real and loving God who continues to shower His blessings upon us, and we are confident that His grace will extend to our lives in the afterlife. Amen!

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Our journey from Islam to Christianity was not easy, but it has been worth every challenge. We are grateful for the love and salvation we have found in Jesus Christ, and we are forever indebted to the Christian doctor who introduced us to the power of prayer in His name. May our testimony serve as a testament to the transformative power of faith and the boundless love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This testimony was shared by our teammates from the Urdu initiative.


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