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From Witch Doctor to Christ Follower

Hello everyone, my name is Ramesh, and I live in Deoriya, Uttar Pradesh, in India, and I am a former witch doctor. I would fake rituals to make my clients feel that they had been cured with my magic. That is how I would cheat people out of money and out of true healing.

I was in a profound upheaval within myself. I knew that my family was suffering because of my practices. My wife became sick, and my “medicine” could not heal her. There was no peace in my family. Other people from the village started teasing me, saying that I have magical power, but I could not cure my own wife. Secretly, we visited a hospital for treatment, but she still did not get well. I grew more and more uncertain about myself and my abilities as a witch doctor. I wondered what my fate would be now that people saw my inability to heal. I wondered why my wife wasn’t getting well. Sleep became impossible. All night my mind would race thinking about these things. My frustration began to grow.

The house next to my family was a house church. They would gather every Monday afternoon. I hated those people the most out of everyone. One day while I was lying on my bed trying to rest, I began listening to what the church members were talking about. A voice came from the core of my heart, saying, “Go and be a part of them.” I hesitated but went next door and told the congregation about the voice that told me to be part of them, and I started attending the church regularly.

Later, my wife and children also began attending church with me. Gradually, the lives of my family life started to change. My wife was healed from her disease, and we could feel peace in our family.

Then the most significant change happened. My wife and I surrendered our lives to Jesus and accepted Him as our only Savior, Healer, and Peace Giver. We got baptized and started a new life to glorify Jesus.

I left all my evil deeds and left the satanic works. I am now an agricultural laborer, working with my hands and bringing life instead of death. My family is happy, and I am finally able to sleep at night. Now, I share my testimony with whom I meet. I tell them of the Lord Jesus, who is the true God, Healer, Savior, and Peace Giver, and how He has healed my wife and given us new life!

This story was provided by Ramesh, a church member of a church planted through the Ganges Initiative.


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