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Unveiling the Power of the Gospel: Mengli's Story of Transformation

Mengli, a remarkable young man from our church, has a truly extraordinary story of triumph over adversity and the incredible power of the Gospel to transform lives.

Chinese young man

Having experienced the loss of his mother at a tender age of six, Mengli was thrust into a world of hardship and struggle. His father's remarriage and the birth of a new family left Mengli feeling alone and abandoned. With no primary education, he was forced to seek work in a distant factory, a thousand miles away from his hometown, in order to make ends meet.

Life was incredibly challenging for Mengli during those difficult times. There were moments when he couldn't even afford to feed himself, and he faced a cold and unsympathetic world. I vividly remember an incident where he desperately approached his boss, pleading for an advance on his salary. To his dismay, he was met with callous indifference as his boss heartlessly declared, "Even if you're starving, it's not my concern. Why should I pay you in advance?" This heart-wrenching rejection pushed Mengli to the brink, and he found himself entangled in a world of crime. Desperate for a way out, he joined a gang, becoming involved in high-risk loans and engaging in telecommunication fraud and other illegal activities.

But amidst the darkness that engulfed his life, a ray of hope emerged when Mengli connected with a Christian woman on social media. She was a highly educated professional working in Japan. Their bond grew swiftly, and she encouraged Mengli to seek solace and guidance in a church community. It was then that he found his way to our congregation.

When I first encountered Mengli, I saw a broken man, his face etched with pain and anger. The weight of his past sins burdened him, and he humbly confessed his transgressions, pleading for guidance and assistance. Although I harbored doubts about the longevity of his newfound relationship, I felt compelled to share the transformative power of the Gospel with Mengli.

Week after week, he faithfully attended church services with unwavering commitment. In those early days, I advised Mengli to sever all ties with his former associates and seek alternative employment. To my astonishment, he followed this counsel diligently, turning down a lucrative offer from his old comrades to steal a painting for a substantial sum. Witnessing his resolute determination to change, I joyfully baptized him into the fellowship of our church.

Yet, Mengli's journey was far from easy. Temptations surrounded him, and the limitations of his education confined him to low-paying jobs. In moments of despair, he would reach out to me, his voice laced with tears, questioning why God seemingly neglected his prayers and devotion. It was during these times that his faith was truly tested.

During the height of the Covid lockdown, Mengli's dreams of meeting his girlfriend in Japan were shattered. Frustration overwhelmed him, and he contemplated resorting to illegal means to fulfill his desires. In those moments, I counseled him to exercise patience and trust in God's divine plan. And even through the storms of life, Mengli remained steadfast, clinging to Jesus.

Today, Mengli continues to face numerous trials. Recently, he lost his home due to unpaid mortgage payments, and he fears the bank may freeze his passport, potentially preventing him from reaching Japan. In the midst of this uncertainty, I stand alongside Mengli, offering pastoral counsel and support as he clings to his faith and hope. But amidst it all, Mengli's faith remains unshaken, and he clings to the hope that only Christ can provide.

It is with absolute certainty that I can attest to the radical transformation in Mengli's life through the ministry of our church.

I once stood before our congregation, declaring that despite his limited education and his haunting criminal past, Mengli possesses the purest and strongest faith among us. His unwavering commitment to his faith is truly inspiring.

Through the grace of God, Mengli's life has been reshaped. He has risen above the trials and tribulations that once defined his existence. His transformation serves as a living testament to the redeeming love and unyielding power of Jesus Christ.

Please as you read Mengli’s testimony, pray for him, for God’s provision and that he may continue growing in his faith.

This testimony was shared by our teammates from the H20 Initiative.


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